Well, hello there! I skipped the entire month of December and  almost half of January blogs.  I have been busy. At the very end of November, I interviewed for a management position at the company I have been at for six years.  And, I GOT IT!  So, the month of December was spent being busy, busy, … More Changes

November Rain

Hello there! As usual for this time of the year, I have skipped weeks since my last post.  Life just seems to get so crazy. I got a new job.  Well, actually I got a new job in the same company I have worked for, for the last five years.  It is a big step … More November Rain

October Falls.

Fall is here?  That is sort of strange to say.  Up until a week and a half ago we have had days in the 90s.  So, all of the sudden all of the trees are trying to catch up with the time of the year it actually is instead of what the temps have been. … More October Falls.


Hello there, The last few weeks have been strange. A dear friend from childhood passed away.  It was such a strange accident that it really didn’t even seem real for a while.  He was so full of life and only 27. I tend to think of me being 27, as being old.  I have these … More 27

World’s Fair 1964

Hello there! As I was looking for things to explore in NYC I came across the area where the 1964 World’s Fair was in Queens. The fair’s motto was, “Peace through Understanding.”  There were over 51,000,000,000 people that attended it.  That is a lot of people that visited. I thought it would be a great … More World’s Fair 1964

Five hours

Hello there! We have spent an amazing week here in NYC. This city is amazing.  I don’t want to even think about having to go back to real life tomorrow. In five hours I am supposed to be getting up to get ready for the airport. But, I just am not tired at all.  I … More Five hours

NYC again yall

Hello there I am writing this as our shuttle takes us to the Staten Island ferry. We are getting ready to explore NYC for one last day before we must get back to the real world.  We have had so much fun on this trip. We have been able to see so many new things … More NYC again yall

8 days.

Helloooooo We have 8 days until we go to NYC!  I am so excited!  This trip will come at exactly the right time. That’s all I have for today!  I have to do a 20-page paper and do some organizing for the trip! I hope everyone is having a great day in their corner of … More 8 days.