The Facebook generation.

I haven’t blogged since xanga was cool, way back in 2005 (insert sarcasm here). In fact I hardly ever update my Facebook.  I guess I don’t want to be as socially networked as Facebook would like me to be. Most of the time I only check Facebook to see just how crazier the crazy people get.  I actually gave up Facebook for a while this summer. I just got so annoyed with the same people writing the same things over and over again. But, I just couldn’t bring myself to actually deleting them off of my Facebook. I actually thought how am I supposed to get my daily dose of crazy if they are gone? Granted we live in a small town and I would still hear what happened. But, god forbid if I was the only one who didn’t hear the news until an hour or so after the fact.

 Obviously I am being sarcastic I think it’s absolutely crazy that we have a constant window into people’s lives. That at anytime of the day you can get on your computer,iPad, and phone and essentially tap into what anyone on your Facebook is doing. The days of driving by your friends boyfriends house to see if he is really “sick” or not, are over. Just log onto Facebook and you can see who he is with and where is has been the second his friends or “friends” (wink, wink) tag him in a status or picture.  

I guess it’s just a part of the world that we now live in. We live online socially and live offline awkwardly. We titter on a fine line of who we want to be and who we project ourselves to be.  The world is at our touch screens. We can do what we want. Say what we really mean.  And believe that consequences are irrelevant, since there is no psychical aspect of social networking. 

Except there is. The next time you are driving look at the car next to you at the stop sign. Chances are they are on their phones. Look around campus when walking to your next class. When looking for a computer in the library see how many students are checking their twitters or Facebook. People are leaving themselves behind and jumping into the online world of social networking.     It’s the first time in history people are so connect but, are they only connected online?  I think the answer is different for everyone. If you update your Facebook or twitter multiple times a day, spend hours Facebook stalking people, and know exactly where multiple people have been in the last 24 hours. Well chances are you spend more time in the Facebook  world than you do in the real world.

Being apart of the Facebook generation is huge but, we now have to figure out ways to balance out Facebook time and real time. This generation is paving the way to online social networking. But, with every great achievement there will always be consequences. Those consequences have came to us in many forms. But, mainly the more connected online this generation seems to get the more distant offline we have become. It is up to each individual of the over one billion people that are apart of social networking sites to remember to log off or we will miss the world go by as we log online. 

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