Communicating with the non-facebook generation.

My mother who is 65 just got an Iphone.  This means that she has just learned to text and use Facebook.  I am pretty sure it takes her longer to text a sentence than for me to text a letter.  She recently discovered the speaking text, which allows the her to speak into the iPhone and it will text what she says.  The funny part about this is she doesn’t read over what she has said so sometimes her text messages end up being random words.   

This got me thinking why is it so hard for the older generation to adapt to texting and social media sites.  I am not a scientist and I don’t have definitive answers.  I think a lot of the reasons that younger adults and children are able to adapt so quickly to the ever changing ways to communicate is because we have always lived in a world with very advanced technology.  In this day and age we are constantly being bombarded with marketing propaganda from the time we are born.  We are expected to know how to text, facebook, and twitter.  Its unheard of to not have texting on your phone.  We are supposed to know these things, they aren’t a luxury for many people they are a “need.”

This generation was built on technology.  This is what separates us from older generations.  And separates older generations from even older ones.  We are all brought up differently and have different life experiences.  We have always had to adapt to the changing technology so we are used to it.  I think this is why it was so hard for my mom to understand her Iphone at first.  She grew up in a world of landlines and black and white T.V.  I do always think it is great for people of all ages to learn new ways of communicated through technology.                              

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