Monday in class we talked about how today’s generation is becoming obsessed over text messaging. The question of can someone actually be addicted to texting came up. I absolutely think someone can become addicted to sending and receiving text messages.
Last August my son Halen had his baptism. He was five months old so it was his first big even since his birth. One of my best friends (let’s call her Emily) came to the baptism. She shows up walking to the church texting. She sits in the back and texts the ENTIRE hour during the baptism. I was in the front of the church with Halen and his Godparents for a while when the priest was baptizing him and saying a few words. I had a clear view to Emily. She never looked up, she was on her phone the entire time. Then after the baptism about 40 people went to Colton’s to eat. She came and within a few minutes she said her phone was about to die. We all just told her to not worry about it and not to use to anymore. She actually left Colton’s to go and get a charger and then came back and plugged her phone in at Colton’s. Then after we all ate a few of us adults went out to hear our friend play in a band. Emily took her charger inside and text there the whole time too. She ended up leaving without having an actual conversation with any of us.
Emily is still pretty bad about texting when she is in the room with other people. The worst part about it is, I am pretty sure she doesn’t even realize what she is doing.
I find it very rude to text during events, dinners, church etc. I am not dependent on my phone and most of the time can’t stand when someone will text me over and over again the same things day after day. I have realized the best way to get someone to stop texting you is to just reply with “k.” It works every single time. I am a firm believer in living in the here and now. I think texting is a great way to get your point across or to sum up something so you don’t have to spend a lot of time on the phone. I do not personally believe that texting is something that needs to happen hours upon hours everyday.
I guess you could say my friend Emily is one of many people who could be considered a Textaholic.

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