I <3 my iPhone.


I love my iphone. Its a huge priority in my life. I use it for a multitude of things from pictures, videos, Skype, apps, Facebook, etc. Because I can use it for so many different things my life has changed and I have been able to filter out things that are no longer needed because the iPhone has replaced them.

I made a list of five things that are no longer relevant in my life because of the iPhone. These are in no order.
* A Phone book-I haven’t used a phone book in years. I have no reason to. I can ask Siri for directions, addresses, and phone numbers. I can also google it and find out exactly what I need
*typewriters-I haven’t used a typewriter in probably fifteen years. To me a typewriter really became a rare item i used, when the computer became a household item.  But, now with the advancement of technology and the availability of my iPhone I can write everything I need on my iPhone. In fact I am writing this blog on my iPhone!
*checkbooks to balance my bank account-I have a Bank of America app on my iPhone so there is no reason to balance my checkbook. The app allows me to log onto my account at anytime and see the balance, withdraws, and deposits.
*Digital/throw away cameras-because my iPhone is a camera phone and can take video I have no reason to use a digital camera or buy a throw away one. I have several digital cameras and they haven’t been used since I was in high school.
*dictionary book-my iPhone (like almost all phones now) has autocorrect and also has a dictionary app. This makes owning a dictionary completely useless.
After writing this list I have realized myself (even though I don’t want to think it) like many people have became very depended on my
iPhone (or phone in general). It’s so easy to use it for so many different things because it’s all available to me all the time. Hopefully there is never a satellite blackout or a lot of people would have to go back to the “old” way of doing things.

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