Sunday Funday

I spent my Sunday with my favorite person in the world!  My son, whoturned 18 months old today!  I am really big on arts and crafts so today we did a lot of crafts. I think that it’s always veryimportant to take time out of our busy lives to show our children that life is worth living off line. I love my iPhone but in reality I only use it when I have too. I try to spend my time connecting with my son rather than connecting online and my son growing up with my eyes glues to a screen. The thing is I see so many parents that use the TV as a babysitter. Our children will grow up and act how we acted. I want my son to enjoy the outdoors, to get dirty in the mud, and to only look at the TV as a rare treat. Infact we don’t even have cable. I think it takes up entirely too much time in people’s lives. December will be a year since I disconnected it and I have never once regretted it!  Cable is a want and not a need. I think a lot more people should disconnect from the TV and reconnected with the life that is passing them by. 

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