Writers writing words.

I have found several really great sites for people looking to expand thier writing world.  I love writing and have several books in the works.  I have recently even joined the local writers group that meets at the library. 

Here are a few really great sites if you are wanting to expand your resources and even get help from other authors!

Writers Digest (http://www.writersdigest.com)

Of course, I had to put this in here.  Writers Digest also has a monthly magazine that comes out.  The magazine has been out longer than the webpage but, both are very popular for writers of all ages.  It has great resources for writers just starting out, and for most expereinced writers.  It also post readers stories and poems.  It gives interviews with known authors and not-so-know authors.  It also has compitiions, some with money prizes, and publications of the submitted writing.  I also found this website on WD that gives 101 best sites for writers (http://www.writersdigest.com/101-best-websites-for-writers)  You can go in and sign up and browse the websites.

The Writers Cafe


I enjoy The Writers Cafe because it is a little less formal than Writers Digest. I feel as if I can really connect with the writers one on one. You can public your work on there and have people leave feed back for you.  I think this is great because when a poem or story really speaks to me I can tell that author and the authors give feed back (which makes it that much greater).  The Writers Cafe is a site that is geared more towards ‘the Facebook generation” of doing things.  It is set up, and is a on-line social-network. I truly have enjoyed being able to see work that is great but, hasn’t been published because maybe it doesn’t fit traditional standards magazines might be looking for.

Poets & Writers


P&W Is also a magazine along with having an on-line publication.  P&W has been around for a long time like The Writers Digest.  I haven’t frequented the P&W website that much.  I can tell you it has contest, way to connect with other authors, and tools for writers.  I think it is also a great way to us resources on-line to find help if you need it with your writing.  Or if you just want to browse other peoples work.


I hope you have found these websites helpful.  There are so many on-line this are just a few of the thousands that are on-line. 

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