News for the News

The Internet is full of newstations.  There are hundred of network newscasts that have websites and there are thousands of smaller state and city newstations that have websites.  This doesn’t include the websites that do not have any sort of television, magazine, newspaper or radio history.  I think it is great that we are able to live in a time where we can get news at anytime of the day.  When the shooting in Aurora, Colorado happened this summer, I got news updates sent from (my app of these new-sites) The New York Times and CNN within 20 minutes of the shooting.  I am glad that when big things like this happen I am able to be updated literally as they are happening.  CNN sent me a message early this morning about the killing of the Ambassador overseas.  I think since 9/11 happened it is so much more essential for people to be able to get their news as it happens.  I can’t imagine just how more in depth 9/11 would have been if social-media and texting were available  I am glad that we now live in a time that these resources are availble. 

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