Obama surprised me!

I am not exactly Obama’s biggest fan.  I don’t care or not care for him.  This week has been a troubling time for Americans and Muslims.  When a movie that nobody here in America had heard of came to light in Lybia. People really took it to heart.  The U.S. Embassy was stormed, caught on fire, and four Americans were killed during gun fights.  The world was watching as to what the next move would be for America.  Mitt Romney just the gun, and has more of a do now and think later approach. I was getting scared to think what lay ahead for us and for them.  Obama had the protesters and people that killed the Americans arrested.  This to me for one surprised me, I am so glad it didn’t come down to a fight with weapons.  I have to say this close to election Obama had to do the right thing and I truly believe he did. 

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