the wonderfully horrible thing about online accounts.

Most people pay their bills online.  Its fast, easy, and the way to “save the environment” by going paperless.  I am one of those people, it is just so much easier to get everything done with a click of a few buttons.  EXCEPT, when you forget your information!  I seem to always forget the log in for my Electric bill.  I never check my mail except maybe three times a year so I don’t have a paper copy of my account number.  Since I can’t remember my login name or my password, instead of it asking for something easy that I can remember, it asks for my account number.  This wouldn’t be a problem except I don’t have it.  I would think by now I would have wrote it down or stored it in my phone but, every month I think I’ll remember the login and password and it won’t be a problem.  Except unlike a computer, my mind isn’t programmed to remember every detail of my life.  I have a child, I have a job, I have a full-time school schedule, I have a family, and I have friends.  I use up 90% of my battery life on my son, and the rest on the rest of the world.  So sometimes just sometimes I am going to forget things.  I guess its okay if only once a month I forget something.  It just happens to be the exact same thing every month.  Maybe after I spend a few more hours trying to figure out my account information I will actually write it down this time and save it for next month. 

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