How Public should private be?

When I read a news article about a horrible accident that has happened I often wonder about the families and people that will be affected.  The question has came up for journalist everywhere about how someones private life will be displayed as public information after an incident has occurred.  I know that it has happened plenty of times where someone will log into facebook or twitter and see that their cousin, brother, favorite aunt or someone they are close to have been in an accident.  I think that because facebook and twitter are social networking sites that are controlled by each individual user, that people should have more respect before posting personal information about someone else.  I think that this information should be made public until the family and close friends have been notified.  There is no reason for someone outside of that circle to put information up.  A few weeks ago there was a shooting close to where I live.  Within minutes of it, people all over facebook had put R.I.L. and R.I.P. about this person.  Then within 30 minutes the family starts to see it and they hadn’t even been notified yet.  Sometimes its better to just wait and let it play out on its own rather than inserting your own information into the situation.  Private should stay private until someone (that is that person, or close to that person that is in the accident) can make it public. 

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