Watching Movies and TV shows, on the internet.

This wonderful thing has happened the last couple of years, people are now able to watch their favorite movies and TV shows, on the Internet.  I love the fact that now I don’t have cable.  Which means I don’t have a cable bill.  I also don’t have Internet (except on my phone), which means I don’t have an Internet bill either.  This means I am saving $160 every month.  The even greater thing is that I can watch my favorite TV shows on my phone through the Internet and through apps.  I love this.  I still have two TV’s at my house, I rent movies sometimes from Red box (which also helps me save from renting movies through my cable provider.)  I have two laptops so I can use Internet at my parents, or school and watch anything that I need to watch.  I am just saying I love the fact that I still can watch my favorite shows and I don’t have to pay $160 a month!

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