A girl on my Facebook wrote, “saw castaway (the Tom Hanks movie) wasn’t impressed. I can’t say I was suprised. I see comments like this all the time. Someone sees  an art piece they say its ugly. Some reads a piece of poetry they say they don’t understand it. I never take these sort of comments literally. I find it a commen thing that most people never walk in someone else’s shoes long enough to understand the hardwork and dedication that goes into making a piece of art. 

Aren’t  we all lost at sea at one point in our short lives. Arent we nothing more than a lost sheep looking for its heard. Aren’t we stuck on our own island of regret, sorrow, and despair wondering when we will be found.  We are all a Chuck (Tom Hanks character) At some point in our life.  Like the country song goes, “some of Gods greatest gifts are our unanswered prayers.”  Of course we wanted Chuck to get home to his wife and for them to live happily ever after. But, like every Tom Hanks movie there is a deep underlying meaning to this movie.  A meaning that has no boundaries, that doesn’t have a time or a place. A meaning that is as simple as, we are all lost but, once we are found, our trials and tribulations attribute to something greater than ourselves. We do all have a reason to be here. It’s okay to be lost. It’s okay to have prayers unanswered. It’s okay to not get what you want. Because, in the end we are all found by something greater than a boat at sea. 

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