Hurricane Sandy

Isn’t it crazy how the weather can change so fast and turn into such a monster.  I can’t believe how crazy this hurricane has became.  I remember when Katrina hit.  I was a junior in high school.  My brother was home from Los Angeles for a visit.  The survivors of Katrina were bused into a local community center.  My brother and I went down to volunteer with my dad.  We were told to expect the worst. That these people just had their whole lives flipped upside down. That most of them were still in the same clothes from three or four days ago.  They hadn’t ate, they didn’t know where there families where, and they hadn’t slept since the levee broke.  As we watched those people get off the bus it was one of those things you can only understand if you are there.  You see it in history books, you watch it years later in a history class but, you just never really will understand the look on those peoples faces.  The atmosphere was thick with death, the unknown, and vasts amount of confusion.  My best friend and I were to take the children to the park that is on the same lot as the community center.  We heard little kids talking about things, that in my 16 years of life I had never dreamed would occur.  All of this came from a single action, that created another action, that created (eventually) the levees to break.   I wouldn’t ever want this to happen again. But, it seems like something much worse has happened to the East Coast. 

My heart is with all those in the affected area of this Hurricane. 

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