Speaking with written words.

When I started this blog I wanted it to be about how the “Facebook generation” interacts and is learning to re-interact with those around them offline. I guess I have sort of wondered from that whole idea. I have been thinking about it today. But, I guess the whole idea of this generation is that we speak through written words which is exactly what this blog is. So I guess I haven’t wondered too far off from my original idea. I like to write but, I also like to speak face to face with someone. I think the whole idea of being behind a screen and establishing a relationship with someone would be a pretty hard thing for me personally to do. I don’t even use Facebook but to see if anything interesting has been going on with other people or around town. It’s like front page gossip 24/7 right at our fingertips. I at one point in time a would text more than I would talk on the phone. But, I guess l came around and realized how much easier it is to just call than text long things. Anyway I hope I can keep up my original idea for this blog, for the rest of the semester. 

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