24 hours

The assignment over the break was to go 24 hours without using technology.  This was fairly easy because I was on vacation.  We were in the desert for most of the weekend so I didn’t even have signal and since I was in a car I couldnt use the televison anyway.  I would say that I wasn’t really bothered by not having technology for 24 hours.  A good example of giving up a form of technology would be when this summer I gave up Facebook for a few weeks.  The man reason taht I decieded to give up Facebook is because I just got so tired of seeing the same things on people facebooks I mean is it really nessecary to update your facebook 300 times day?  Apparently to some people its perfectly okay.  I realized two main things when I gave up Facebook.  One besides the fact I didn’t mess it. I really have to say that I was perfectly okay when finding out my information on whats going on in peoples lives the old fashion way.  By actually talking to them.  I realized that people do not talk to each other anymore.  They just go and log onto facebook and get all of thier information there.  It is making us a very dis functional society.  Secondly I felt as if people are not just making up news.  I mean we all know that in this town nothing really happens.  But, not its “news” what someone eats in the morning.  People are literally pulling things out of the air and making them news.  Is that what kind of society we have unlitmitally became?  I completly disfunctional, disconnected place where people share every detail of thier lives without actually ever talking to anyone?   I think that we are on our way to that type of society.

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