I think that it is very important to learn as many languages as you can.  I find it annoying when people say that (anyone else that isn’t a natural born American citizen) people need to learn English when they are in this country.  I think it is easy for someone to say when you live in a state that is as close minded as Arkansas is.  A great example is when I go to L.A., I never see another natural American citizen.  Nobody’s first language is English.  NOBODIES.  We are a mix of people and we do not always speak the same language but, we are the same thing….human.  I think that when you put yourself in a situation where all of the sudden you aren’t the majority and nobody around you speaks the same language as you, you soon realize just how hard it is for immigrants that come to this country.  That is why I think it is important for people to learn, explore, and change the world, and it all starts when understanding the people around you instead of judging them.

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