Great Ideas for Christmas!

So I thought of a new idea for me and my son to do each Christmas.  To go along with the theme, of “A Christmas Carol,”  I am going to make a (scrap) book that has three parts for each year.  The first part will be a section for someone of the past that is very inspirational, someone who has truly changed the world, such as Mother Theresa, Princess Diana, people like that.  Someone that should be shown respect for all that they did, and someone who I want my family to look up to.  The next part of the book will be a section on someone in the present that is doing good, there are lots of examples here, it could be a neighbor to a celebrity, just someone who is always doing good.  And the last part of the book will be what we want for our future (the next year) all of the positive things that we hope to accomplish in the next year.  Maybe donating clothes, to helping out a friend in need.  I think this is a great idea.  And each year we can look back at the last year and remember all of these amazing people and add people who inspire us. 🙂

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