The end of the semester is coming and I couldn’t be happier. I look back on every semester and think how did I even get through that? I mean seriously there are days I am at school for 12 hours.  I also have a job and most importantly I am a single parent.  I honestly have no idea how I ever get through school sometimes.  But, the important thing is that I do.  What I don’t understand is how people that have no sort of responsibilities don’t show up to class, and fail.  I mean what are you doing that you can’t get out of bed and be an adult and get your school work done.  It amazes me how people that have never had a job in their lives think that they will live off of their parents in college and then graduate and get this wonderful job.  Well newsflash that just doesn’t happen. I think it is just how this society is now.  Everyone expects everyone to get what they want when they want it.  People don’t care to actually work for it.  I think that the advancement of technology has a lot to do with this.  Now we can get online and in an instant get any information that we want.  I think that it is important for people to realize that this isn’t how life is supposed to work; sometimes you have to actually work at life for it to work for you.

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