My Lemon addiction!


About 10 years ago, I was sitting in a local Mexican restaurant and ordered a sweet tea.  This was a normal day, my friends and I would eat at this restaurant a few times a week and I always got a sweet tea.  They always put a lemon on the side.  For some reason this day I ate the lemon.  And then soon enough I was eating the lemon every time I ordered a tea or water (I don’t drink carbonated beverages, I just don’t care for them.)

Fast forward to now, and I am still eating them. I don’t know why.  I asked the doctor at one point and he said there wasn’t anything wrong with me.  I actually crave them.  I eat the rinds and all.  They are so ridiculously good!  Good thing lemons are packed with Vitamin C, and my teeth are really white without using any products to make them that way.

I am not really sure why I love lemons so much but, I actually have to have at least one slice a day.  Sometimes I’ll go through a drive-through of a fast food place and just order one small water with lemon just so I can eat the lemon!

Today I have had three slices and I am about to eat my fourth!  I need to stop eating them because I know it takes the enamel off teeth and eventually it will start doing that to mine so I need to stop before that happens!  But, for now I am going to enjoy my lemon addiction!

Is there any food you guys just have to have?  Do you have any strange addictions?

Thanks for reading!

Bye Y’all!



14 thoughts on “My Lemon addiction!

  1. I am addicted to lemonade ever since I was a kid. During pregnancy it was heightened to the extreme! My baby is four now and the craving never left me! I can not go to any place that serves food without wanting a tall glass! If they don’t carry lemonade I get bummed. Even in the dead of winter I make lemonade! But, not eating slices like you. Being a dental assistant I know the risks, so I’m careful. 🙂


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