I saw my 90 year old self.

photo 1

On Sunday I went for a walk through some walking trails in my town.  I hadn’t been in over a month due to them closing for the shutdown and frankly just lack of commitment on my part.  I was pushing my son in the stroller like I normally do, and we were just walking through enjoying the beauty of the changing of the colors.


photo 2

In the distance I see an old gray-headed man pushing an even older gray-headed lady in a wheelchair.  As I got closer I see the lady is easily in her 90s.  Her hair is in a short perfectly curled bob that falls sweetly around her face.  Her lips were painted rose red, and she was dressed in her Sunday best.  On her knees rested a little blanket covering her from the chill of the October day.  I looked up and saw that the man pushing her is obviously her son.  His face was identical to hers  it just hasn’t seen as many days.  As we walked by them it was almost like the earth stopped, time seemed to just slip away, and this moment was caught in my mind forever.

I looked at her and she said, pointing to my 2 year old in the stroller, “We are quite a different in age aren’t we,” she chuckled and looked up at her son.  I smiled politely and just sort of soaked up her radiance.  As we walked away I just started crying.  My tears were happy and sad.  I wasn’t sure what I was crying for.  I think it was here I am a mother pushing her child at the begging of his life, and they, were a child pushing his mother at the end of her life.  Such a beautiful sweet thing.  I thought, if I could only live such a blessed life that at the end, my son who I pushed for so many miles in the stroller would take me to the same sweet place and push me before my time was over.

As I walked my four miles, I just realized that the only thing that separated me and my child now, and that sweet lady and her child now, was time.  Time is really all we have and eventually it runs out.  Life is just so short in the spectrum of eternity.  We are given such a small amount to make an impact and to often people just let time slip away.  How many times have you said, “O ill call them tomorrow, or maybe next week we can go to lunch.”  But, when it comes down to it you make excuses or things just come up and you let time completely slip away.

That sweet lady and her son will be one of those memories that will replay in slow motion in my mind for the rest of my life.  I never want to spend time wasted and at the end of my life when my moment comes to have nothing but regrets.  I hope I can give my child the best life that he deserves, and I hope that when I am old and frail, he takes me on a walk and pushes me along those trails in a wheelchair.    

Thanks for reading!  Have a wonderful day!


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