Bucket list: getting ordained over the internet and performing a Marriage Ceremony

A few weeks ago a very good friend of mine R was talking to me about all her wedding plans.  We had gone over several different ideas and concepts for the wedding, the colors, the prints, and the food.  She had mentioned that T, her fiancé hadn’t been able to get a hold of his preacher to see if he could marry them. Fast forward a few days and R tells me the preacher can’t do it and they don’t know what they are going to do.

They are three weeks out before the wedding and literally don’t have anyone to marry them.  So I said, “Hey I’ll marry you.”  R of course being the free flowing spirit that she is was completely okay with it, actually she was excited.  I was sort of shocked because it just sort of slipped out of my mouth before I even realized what I had said.  I told her to talk to T about it because I wanted him to be okay with it.  A few hours later she calls me telling me how excited they both are about me performing their marriage ceremony.  T said he couldn’t believe I would do something so cool for them.  I was pretty excited but, of course I had to get ordained first.

(To leave all religious beliefs out of this I am marrying them strictly for the legality of it.  I do not in any way shape or form consider myself a preacher.  I don’t think that getting a certificate over the internet makes you a preacher or a leader in God.  I think what lays in your heart the good that comes from within and your beliefs in whatever God you believe in, makes you able to tell people the word of whatever God you follow.  Actually it’s sort of absurd that anyone would think getting a piece of paper off of the internet would make you able to preach to other people without any other knowledge or education going into it.)

So getting ordained went something like this.  I googled ordained minister, a website for Universal Life Church pooped up.  I clicked on it, it brought me to this website, http://www.themonastery.org/ordination and within about 5 minutes, and $16.48 later I was officially recognized as an ordained minister.

I am so excited to perform this marriage ceremony NEXT WEEKEND!  I have been friends with R for over a decade and so I think it’s really cool I will be able to be marrying her and her fiancé.  It’s one of those things that I just sort of always have wanted to do.  I mean we only get only life so why not get ordained over the internet and marry your best friend and her love of her life.

I also made her bouquet,



his boutonniere,


and the container that they are going to use for the “sand ceremony.”

sand 2

I will post more pictures after we get back!  They are getting married in Memphis which is about a three hour drive.

Have a wonderful day!


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