It takes a village….

One of the most important things I have learned being a single parent.


I love being a mother.  Nothing I did before this remotely matters.  That girl I was before doesn’t exist.  The person I was is just a memory.  I have been able to rise from the ashes of those who have burned me and I am, well who I am.

I have been able to completely break away from any stereotypes that come along with being a single mother.  I can’t even begin to list the things that people think of us, single mothers.  Often time people just assume we are whores who are uneducated and living off of welfare without any chance of ever getting off of it.  None of those things describe me, not even remotely.

I have always enjoyed motherhood.  From the moment I found out I was pregnant, until now I have truly been blessed.  Now, don’t confuse that for being easy.  Of course there are rough patches in life but, having a positive attitude and having faith that it can and will work out, along with the power to make the proper changes that are needed to move forward, life has worked out for us.

I think one of the top things I have learned about being a single parent is that you don’t have to be alone in raising your child.  Now I am not just a single parent, I am the only parent to my son.  For reasons beyond my comprehension and answers that I don’t have, it just is what it is.

I realized the first holiday after my son was born which was Easter, is that holidays are fun,  actually they are REALLY fun, when you have children.  There is just always an excuse to dress up, have candy, make cool food, have decorations, and most importantly spend it with people that you love and that love you back.  I have surrounded myself every holiday with those people that truly love us, and it makes every holiday that much better.

Tonight as my son dressed up as Woody, and I dressed up as Buzz (Yes, I am that cool!) and we went to celebrate Halloween with multiple important people in our lives from my parents, to my sister and niece, to some of my best friends, I realized this THIS is exactly what life is about.  It’s about surrounding yourself with people who can read your face without you saying a word.  People that love you and your child so much they would drop anything at anytime to be at your side.  These people are the people that spend each holiday making it that much better for the two of us.  This is what life should consist of, your cup being completely full of people who truly care.

You aren’t missing anything in life when your life is full of things that truly matter.

I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!

Thanks for reading,


2 thoughts on “It takes a village….

  1. I was a single parent for 3 years and it was the most challenging time in my life. I can say now that I have gone through it though, I am a much stronger and independent person than I would’ve ever become. Good luck to you in your journey! Thank you for stopping by my blog 🙂


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