something from the bucket list checked off today


This weekend was THE  weekend!

Yesterday me and my two-year old drove to Memphis, TN so that I could perform a marriage ceremony for one of my best friends and the love of her life.  I talked a few posts ago about how I had been ordained over the internet a few weeks back and was going to perform the ceremony for them.

Well Friday mid-morning we took off for Memphis, TN for the wedding. It was my first overnight trip that it was just me and my son, last year when we went to California my entire family went.  I was curious how he would do.  But, he is such a great kid he enjoyed every second of our trip.  He slept about two of the three hours there and two and a half of the three hours back, so the car ride didn’t even faze him.

Friday afternoon we arrived and we went to the house the wedding would be at.  T (the grooms) best friend from grade school was hosting the wedding at his house.  I walk into the backyard and it was just transformed into a wedding paradise.  There was everything needed for a wedding from, the arch, an aisle and chairs.  To a place for children to play, a dance area, a wedding cake set up, and tables and chairs for dinner.  It was beautiful, and they had spent a lot of time getting it ready for the bride and groom.

The wedding was at 5 but, due to wedding dress issues it was a late start.  My son and R and T’s daughter (who is the same age as my son) were the flower girl and ring bearer.  They had a wonderful time and walked down the aisle and sat at the front the entire ceremony and just watched peacefully as the ceremony went on.

I wasn’t really nervous to perform the ceremony.  There was a lot to remember so I printed it all out and had a black folder I held it in just in case I forgot or got distracted.  Since I am on TV for my college I am familiar with memorizing or impromting scripts, so this wasn’t really that different.

The actually ceremony went really well.  We did the rings, the unity sand, and the I DO’s and within 15 minutes I had legally married my best friend and her husband.  Strange to say that.

Me and the Bride!

photo+1 (3)





Then we had cake and food.  The kids played, and R and T soaked up every chance they could for a few good pictures!them



The next day we were off to downtown Memphis with R, T, and their little girl.  We spent the morning in a park by the Arkansas River.  It was really a beautiful day.  The sun was out, and people were soaking up the views.

photo+3 (2)



Then we took the trolley ride around downtown.  It was free for the two kids and only a dollar a piece for each of us.  I would defiantly recommend this, especially if you have children.  The kids thought it was just the neatest thing, and we got to see a lot the area for just a dollar!  You can’t beat that!


Our Trolley!






Enjoying the views of downtown Memphis!

hay hay on the trolley




For lunch we drove over the border into Mississippi and ate at a little restaurant.  Then we were back to Memphis and back to Arkansas to come home.  It was a short trip but, defiantly worth it.  It’s always fun to just get away even if it is just for a day and a half.

I am glad that I got to perform the ceremony, R and T thanked me about 100 times, and I felt like it was just that much more special for me because I got to be such a big part of their big day!  I can officially check this off of my bucket list!

Thanks for reading!  Have a wonderful day!


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