November, November.

Well HELLLLO there!  Since November is a time to give thanks and remember the things that we are truly grateful for I have set a few goals for myself for this months.  I would already consider myself a pretty positive person.  I enjoy finding the good in life, and understanding how important each and every day is.  I want to continue with this and expand just a little.  I want to find (at least) ten things I am truly grateful for each day.  Also to take these things and really expand on why I am truly grateful for them.  I want to open up my eyes I little bit more to the world around me and discover the beauty that is already right in front of me.  I want to be able to enjoy life EVEN more!  I really want November to be a time of reflection on my past self, my present self, and all the things I want for my future self. 

Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.

-The Willie Nelson

My second BIG goal this month is to walk/run 100 miles.  This goal will actually be for 30 days starting today since I was gone yesterday and the day before (the 1st and 2nd of Nov.)  So today is the first day for this and it ends December 2nd.  I have been really slacking in my exercising the past two months and this is a great way to get it kicked back into gear.  Now I am not a runner at all so this is going to be a challenge for me.  I am using an app on my phone called MapMyRun.  It was free for the Iphone.  I COMPLETELY RECOMMEND IT!  If you are looking to start working out or are already working out and want to track your progress this app, is for you!  And you really can’t beat FREE!  It always tracks dozens of different exercises besides walking/running.  So today for the first day I walked/ran 4 miles!  So I am on track.  (I need to do about 3.33 miles a day to make 100 in 30 days) of course I won’t be able to walk 3 miles every day just because of scheduling conflicts but, I started today and I am excited to see if I can accomplish this!

Well this is just my start to November!  Hopefully I can continue on with a month of reflection, gratefulness, and getting back into exercising!

I hope everyone has a wonderful month!



2 thoughts on “November, November.

  1. Great goals! I want to get back into running also. I used to run as a kid, long distance, and it was always so calming and soothing. Have to build up the endurance again! You’re so positive. I like that.


    1. Thanks! I actually really hate running. I don’t know why because I love afterwards and I want to do it again and again but, the actual running part just doesn’t interest me at all lol! And I defiantly try to stay positive! I have had my moments were I was anything but positive but through all of it I have realized that time goes on no matter what so I could see it in a positive light or a negative light but, being negative doesn’t help. So I try to thrive on the positivy and run with it!


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