Finished. Done. Finally.

Well hellllllloooooooo there!  So today my dad and I finally finished his book of poems and published it.  Now if you haven’t ever set down to publish a book let me tell you it isn’t as easy as it seems.  There’s a LOT of editing, and revising, and moving things around, and editing, and some more editing.  Then along with that actually getting the book uploaded to the website we finally decided on to use was just a process in itself.  We went with which as it turns out will do our hard copies and eBooks which will be so much easier than using two different sites.

So as it turns out it isn’t as easy as one might think to write, prepare, and publish a book.  But, we DID IT!  We decided to just order one book for now and make sure it turns out like we want before we order more and go forward to online publishing.  Now we have two books together that we need to finish and get published.  This has defiantly been a learning process so hopefully by the next book we will be a little bit more prepared in what comes next.  I am proud of my dad he has worked so hard on this and has spent his life wanting to be an author but, life got in the way of that and now he has the chance to finally do an age old dream.

This is a short post but, I was just excited that I edited my first book and the hard copy is on its way in the mail!  Here is to many more published books and my name in print!

Have a wonderful day & don’t forget to count your blessings today!



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