Is death the opposite of life?

Is death the opposite of life?

This question had me wondering is death the actual opposite proposed force of life.  I googled it to see what I could find….I mean google will tell you everything right (ha!).  Actually I just have this intense need for knowledge when I am interested in something.  If I like a book I find out everything I possible can about the author, how they wrote it, why they wrote it, etc.  The same goes for Movies, TV, and various other random things that pop into my head.

I found that basically people just kept saying that death is not the opposite of life; it is the opposite of birth.  Both are actions that are relative to life, they start and end life.  To me death is just the end of your psychical being.  How we are remembered, our thoughts, our actions, our stories played out by future generations are us living through time.  We could be remembered for hundreds of years, or we could be remembered for just a few moments throughout someone else’s lifetime.

I guess to understand death we have to understand life.  I mean we understand birth right.  Nine months, agonizing labor and pain, and then bam we are here.  But, death we just can’t seem to understand.  It is said that the mind is still active for a few minutes after we are clinically dead (which is the stopping of the heart).  It is “said” that this is when we see our lives flashing before our eyes.  But, my question is.  If we are seeing these things and we know we only have a few minutes left wouldn’t that be the cruelest thing in the world?  Unless we aren’t consciously aware that death is upon us and the memories are playing like a movie that we have no control over.  The entirety of death is just ridiculous.  Why should we even have to die?  What’s the point of only having this short amount of time especially when so many people just don’t use it wisely.

So is death really the opposite of life?  Well what if you never live, than you never die because you aren’t fully using the promises that life has for you?  A quote from my book (about my grandfather who was a moonshiner that my dad and I are writing), “They say you ain’t ever lived until you died, well you aint ever died until you lived.” 

You can’t die if you don’t live.  Your body can stop.  Your heart can no longer beat.  But, you don’t die if you aren’t living to begin with.  If you aren’t taking the time to absolutely live and soak up your moments in time than, aren’t you already dead?  Maybe your physically there but, if you put no effort into living your life, than how will you ever come to have a life?

Life should be experienced with moments that mean something.  Those moments that will evoke emotion in you and challenge yourself, and your surroundings.  Life should be full of ups and downs so that you can fully understand your fulfillment of your time on this earth.

Life should be love.  Love should be spread through your thoughts and your actions.  Your actions should be reflected on those around you and spread throughout their lives and their children’s lives.  We are all connected in this place, our actions stay with others throughout their lifetimes and future generations.

A few people who have changed, shaped and affected people that you know or maybe even yourself:

Hitler (negative)

Martin Luther King Jr. (positive)

Abraham Lincoln (positive)

Mohammad Ali (positive)

These people for various different reasons have had their actions resonate throughout multiple generations.  Touching lives, changing lives, and shaping lives.  Your actions are the same.  You have the same power to change the people around you in either positive or negative ways.

When we come to our last moments you aren’t going to have time to remember all of the bad things unless that’s all that is left in your mind.  So fill your cup to the fullest, forget the people who aren’t worth remembering, and remember the people you overlook so often.  You can’t ever fully live until you realize how precious your time is.

Life has no opposite. It is what it is.

You are the only one in the driver’s seat.  So go out there and LIVE!

Thanks for reading!  Have a fabulous day!



18 thoughts on “Is death the opposite of life?

  1. Here is what I ponder. How long is a few minutes when traveling through the unconscious min?. It is possible that death is the only time we experience the conscious and unconscious mind as a whole integrated “thing”. since time is merely a system created by man to a lot for the passing of conscious experience. How “long” is a few minutes when time is not only irrelevant but not even present? Those few minutes in this world could seem like eternity to the dead.


    1. If that is the case. Than it is even more of a reason for people to have happy positive memories. If you spend literally eternity in your past thoughts, experiences, and life than you will be eternally damned if you do nothing but bad things. So to be evil in life and then guess what you forever will be haunted by the evil that you put on other people. Hmmmm….isn’t this called karma (the mainstream societies version of karma). I don’t know I think that whatever happens after our hearts stop we should do as much in this life to provide cushion for positivity in the next.


  2. Great writing except ‘Mohammad Ali’. You mean the boxer Muhammad Ali? Did he affect people any way – positive or negative? He was just a professional boxer..that’s all. My humble opinion…


    1. I am all for humble opinions! So thanks for posting! I didn’t even realized I misspelled his name and I must have re-read my blog a few times before I posted it! I did mean Muhammad Ali, the boxer. Some would say he changed lives through his boxing by providing a plateau for the African American society in America to become more prevalent in the general mainstream world. He might have just been a professional boxer to you but, he was a role model and still is for little boys to grown adults that is why I included him in this. I didn’t mean that every single person is going to be personally changed by each of these people they were just a few people that my mind came to when I thought about prominent people in the world that have changed lives throughout their actions no matter how big or how small. Hope that answers your questions! Thanks for commenting.


  3. Hi Tiffany, What a thoughtful piece you have written. You remind me of me when I was young. I had lots of questions, too, about deep subjects. Still do, I guess. But, a friend of mine has written a really moving, fascinating book on her experiences with people who are dying. I think it will answer some of your questions and probably bring up more.The stories are truly beautiful. Her site:
    Keep questioning and keep writing. You have a lot to say.
    Pam B


  4. Hi Tiffany, and thanks for your visit to my site tonight. Thought I’d drop over here and check yours. Read the treatise on life/death and it’s rather interesting. I guess, by your theory, I’ve lived. I’ve been clinically dead 3 times…, and I’m still here. Real death, or even the very real threat of it is a real eye-opener (at least for most). I could ramble about the topic for hours, but I won’t bore you. Again, thanks for your visit. Best to ya !


  5. Great read. I never worry about death but to live my life . But I don’t fulfill it like it should be with memories. So to die and to have not lived my life to the fullest is my worry. I guess I beat death if that is truly possible. I rather believe I chose life for my children and to give myself what I felt I never really deserved another chance. Thank you for the great read.


  6. Most of all we have to live today. Not in past as you said and not in future. The present is the only instant moment in life we can control. Same way I think we have to look towards death. Death can only depart that what we consider to be ourself from that life that we live in that instant that we die. Seen in that way the time of death and consequently how old we will get is quite irrelevant since we can only be departed from a single point of our life.


  7. Hey, Tiffany…

    Bouncing around your musings and stumbled onto this post. Great questions, methinks. =]

    I wrote this in another blog discussion. It may or may not be fitting input here. If not, that’s fine.

    The ‘offer’ made to us is more on the order of to-live-or-not-to-live than one of death avoidance. We have *learned* to ‘fear’ death, and the only, real, natural solution is found in LIVING.

    Substances that are synthesized come from naturally occurring stuff. Humans seem to have a tendency to behave in ways that are contrary to the broader natural order. So there is nothing really ‘unnatural’ in that sense…about synthetics OR human behavior. I think that ‘anti-natural’ gets closer to what I am trying to express than ‘unnatural’.

    Many parents in ‘developed’ societies nowadays have come to believe that their ‘job’ is done when their children reach majority ‘alive’ (as in not dead). But are those children really *alive*? Are the parents? Is the focus on death? Or life? It seems evident to me.

    There is a big difference between (a) being aware of things that would interfere with living and (b) fearing death. Death is no less a transition in the Life Process than birth. Fearing ‘future’ death makes no more sense than fearing ‘past’ birth…or fearing every moment that we live. Thus I see fear as a perversion of awareness.

    Are we dying to live or living to die?


    1. First off Thank you for your response! This is probably one of my favorite blogs I have done, and I have had a lot of great feed back on it!
      I think the entirety of death will always be feared by mankind because we are absolutely unsure of what comes next. In what form, in what way, in what life we will live or be cared on through death.
      I think its one reason people cling so heavily to religion to have a peace of mind. I mean isn’t that what we all want to know that our thoughts and actions will be able to be lived on in the next life and the next.
      You are right that death doesn’t make a lot of sense to fear but, it is still a scary thing for so many people. This leads to people having many different experiences with the death of loved ones and the proposed eventual death of themselves.
      Living and being alive are two completely different things. Some people chose to just be alive without the concept of actually living, and so when they die are they just dead or are their thoughts and actions stair cased onto those who they left a mark on?
      Anyway this is all a great discussion. So many people have so many different points of views and its nice to see that! Thanks again for reading! 🙂


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