The BEST things in life are free.


I have realized the best things in life are truly free.  Sometimes we don’t realize that we don’t have to pay a price for happiness.  Happiness comes in all shapes, sizes and colors.  It doesn’t have an expiration date.  It doesn’t stop just because you rest your eyes at night.  It is there, you just have to go out and find it!

The best things in my life are my son, my family, and my friends.  None of them come with a price tag.  They do come with a time limit though, just like your best things in your life.  Realize how important these things are before you don’t have any time left.

halen at the lake


My son at the lake this summer.  I live for these moments.  Since he was born I have had countless moments where I literally think that I could live in this moment forever.  That this is it.  It just doesn’t get any better than pure, beautiful, positive love.

Whatever you love, love it more today.  Whatever you hate, hate it even less today.  Repeat this everyday until you have no hate and all you spread is love.

Have a fabulous weekend!



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