Military family.



Welllll Hellllllloooooo there!

As the holidays quickly approach us, we will start to see the people outside of the stores asking for money, food and toys for those in need.  But, we shouldn’t forget the military men and women here and overseas that are away from their families during the holidays.

I have always had a tie to the military my dad was a Marine and served in VietnamMy Uncle was in the Navy.  My grandfather was in the Army and in WWII.

Last year my nephew left for MCRD San Diego, the same place my dad had gone almost 50 years ago.  We went to San Diego to see him graduate.  It was completely bittersweet to see the same places my dad had talked about for so many years.  To walk through the same halls I had saw so many times in those black and white pictures and to know just how much history had flowed through them over the years.  Of course it looked a little bit different than when my dad was there so many years ago.

My son who was a year and a half old when my nephew, left just absolutely looked up to him.  Halen (my son) just thought the world of his big bad Marine cousin.  I was actually wondering what he would do when we saw my nephew for the first time.  At such a young age, and being away for three months, I wasn’t sure if Halen would remember him or be scared of him (if you have children you know they go through that stranger danger stage.)

Well the first thing Halen did when he saw our Marine was scream “Nent Nent” (My nephews nickname) and wanted to play with him.  Of course my nephew, who is well over 6 feet and completely muscled up, could barely move in his Service Uniform, bent over and tried to play as much as he could with Halen without completely getting chocked out on his uniform.  It was just the sweetest thing to see.

tracey and trent


My sister and her son.  She wouldn’t let go of him once we finally got to see him.

This year my nephew won’t be home for Christmas although he gets to come home a few weeks before.  My sister has taken it upon herself to help out every Marine and solider that she can here and overseas.  She is spending a lot of money each month sending boxes overseas to help out these men and women.  She was telling me last night she had been sending a box overseas every month for four months.  She hadn’t heard back from the Marine but, felt as if she just needed to keep sending a box of supplies.  She recently after all this time got a letter from this Marine, he had torn out a page from one of the Suduko books she had sent him, to write on and thanked her so much for the boxes.  He said that they looked forward to the boxes, and he was sorry he hadn’t written a thank you note but, he didn’t have anything to write on. 

I decided to do something to help out.  So me and a few friends got together to make homemade Christmas cards for the troops, and also picked up a few things at the local store to put in a box that would be going overseas for the holidays.  We ended up making 70 cards from scratch!




It actually took a lot longer than you would think with all the cutting, gluing, and writing.

 But, it was completely worth it!  My sister got them mailed out and will be placed with military men and women overseas for the holidays.

 cards 2

If you want to help out you can adopt a solider at , sometimes the smallest gift is just the gift of hope through a card or a letter.

Thanks for reading!

Remember to be a little more grateful for what you have!

What if you woke up tomorrow with only the things you were grateful for today??


Have a great day Yall!



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