So last night after our Thanksgiving celebrations I took my mini-me to go see Frozen, the new Disney movie, about two princess sisters.  I have to say it was really good!  It was a perfect movie for an after holiday celebration.  It was full of really good messages for children especially young girls.  Which is SOOOOOO nice to see after all of the things that children are exposed to in the media and in the real world.  If you want to take your children to see it or just go see it for yourself I defiantly recommend checking the movie out!

Well that is all for today! I plan on spending my last free day doing a whole lot of nothing and hanging out with my little love 🙂 and it will be amazing!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!  And don’t forget to check out my blog on December I will be posting EVERYDAY!  I have some good topics coming up from “ways to save money for single parents,” to the explorations of today’s “Commercialized Jesus“!


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