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Last official week of undergrad is here!  I can’t believe it!  I have been going to college the entirety of my adult life from 18-25 and now I will be done.  It’s actually strange to think about because I have been in a classroom setting for twenty years now.  It’s such a routine; I am not sure what else to do with myself.  There has always been school, always been homework, and always been another semester after this one.  And now, it’s just done.  I am planning on getting my Masters but, I am going to do it through on online program that schools have.  That way I can have more time for my son, my work, my books, and my blog.  It just makes a lot more sense to do the online programs.  There are multiple established schools around the country that are now going to online masters programs, so that is exciting to see.

I have learned a lot on college but, so much has changed too in just seven years.  I started college the summer after graduation.

Facebook was just starting to pop up.  This is 2006, pre-Obama, pre-Iphones, pre-what we know as modern touch screen anything.  The world was such a different place (hence the sarcasm).  But, as time went on I started to see a lot more students that had always had these things as teenagers coming into college.

Instead of going into a classroom and talking students went into a classroom attached to their phones, facebooking, tweeting, and snapchating away.  There was less and less social interaction and more and more interaction through some sort of medium.

The first few semesters I thought it was just strange.  I mean am I the only one who likes a good deep face-to-face conversation now-a-days?  Am I the only one that doesn’t understand the constant need to update your Facebook at least 47 times a day because God forbid if we didn’t know what you had for breakfast, lunch AND dinner.  I mean is it really necessary to share every single detail of your day online but, you can’t even look someone in the face in the same room as you?

As time went on I just realized this is sort of how it is, these fresh out of the womb of high school students don’t care about conversation.  (Of course this ins’t just high school students, I know people of all ages that update thier Facebook 47 times a day.)  Then when they do talk some of the things that come out are shocking and just sad.  Some of my favorite includes:

“I don’t know how to spell, that’s what spell check is for.”

“I don’t remember how to write in cursive.”

“We only txt, we never talk on the phone.”

What is happening to our society?  When did it become okay to only interact with each other through cell phones and social media?

O lord, the irony that I am writing this in a blog.  Ha. At least I know at the end of the day, I will have plenty of conversations that include my voice, and face to face interaction.

Please don’t waste your youth glued to your phones.  Go outside without your phone, remember what silence is, remember what the sky looks like, and most importantly don’t lose yourself to an online you.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!  I am off to school and work!




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3 thoughts on “social media addicts

  1. I love this post! I ironically texted to a friend this weekend that I miss phone calls. 🙂 I am re-entering college again after being out for over ten years. The first time I walked into a classroom I felt like a dope for bringing a pad of paper and ink pen to take notes. The next day I returned with my laptop. Duh, me.


    1. A pen and a piece of paper in the classroom is something of long ago! I am glad to still have friends that I can call and have long phone conversations with. Txting is covienet but geez some of the stuff is just entirely toooooooo long to type. I much rather just call! Good luck in school! And thanks for reading! 😉


  2. I am in the same position as you, and feel like education is always, well, just there. However, I think as people, we can only grow correctly by constantly learning, and improving ourselves–and college, or online schooling, is the perfect, well let us say, approved way, of doing this.


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