Life goes by way to fast!

life goes by fst quotes


This morning I took my son for a walk through the woods.  It was at my parent’s house, along the same paths I had played along for so many years as a child.  As I looked around and soaked all of the beauty of the winter fast approaching us, I realized something.  It all looked so much smaller than it did when I was a child.  Was this because I was a few feet taller now?  So my view now is different than it was twenty years ago.  The trees were all still there.  The fences hadn’t moved.  But, why did it just seem so much smaller?

This got me thinking and I remembered a YouTube video I had watched a few weeks ago.  (I tried to find it so I could put in on here but, I have no idea what happened to it, if you happen to find the video let me know!)

Basically what the original video said was that when you are a year old that is 100% of your life.  So 100% is a lot in your perceptive time frame.  When you get older that percentage of the year you had just lived gets smaller.  When you are two the last year of your life was only 50% of your life.  When you are ten the last year of your life that you lived was only 10% of your life.  So when you are 40, the last year of your life was only 1/40th of your life.  This means each year time goes by faster in relative perception to yourself because it gets to be a smaller and smaller percentage of your life that is lived with each year. 

This makes a lot of sense if you think about it.  When we are children time just seems to be so slow.  Every school day seems to take forever to pass by.  As we get older the days just start to slip away before we know it a year goes by and another Thanksgiving and Christmas has came and passed and just like that we are in a new year

I also think that our life experiences and our increased knowledge of the world around us has a lot to do with how our time is spent and how our time is passed.

It is just interesting to walk along these same places I played as a child and it seemed like I played in those woods forever when I was younger, and in a relative notion it was my forever and it was a long perceived time for myself.  But, now life is just flying by with each year.

This means that before we know it 50 years will pass.  What will you have done over the next 50 years?   Will you have made the most positive choices or will year after year you continue to make choices that leave you miserable.

Nobody ever got hurt by smiling.  You can always be positively more positive than you were yesterday.

I am off to spend my day off with my little love.  Maybe we will take another walk around the woods this afternoon.  My time is going by too fast; I don’t want to miss anything he does!

I hope everyone has a blessed day!  Thanks for reading!  I appreciate all of the positive comments and likes from everyone!




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4 thoughts on “Life goes by way to fast!

  1. it might appear that time is passing faster now. But after all it is still passing as fast or slow as before. It is our memory who makes us believe there is a difference. Just like in our memory places where we have been are made bigger in size. According to me it is due to our self-awareness that we experience things in dimension of time and space and that those can differ purely on base of our own experience and perception.
    I think it is necessary not to think and focus too much about what we could miss but rather enjoy the moments while they are there otherwise it could happen that we miss those ‘unforgettable memories’ while they are actually happening.


  2. I also heard recently that part of why time goes faster as we get older is because our lives become more routine, so each day blends more easily into the next. Which is why it’s so amazing to watch how kids view the world – everything’s new!


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