Snowy Sunday


Helllllllllloooooooooooo there!

Well, today has been an interesting day.  I know I talk about a lot of random things on here but, seeing as how I am blogging everyday for December they will only get more random!  (HA!)  Mainly the last few days have been so hectic I really haven’t had any time to sit down and write some good blogs.  I do have two that I already have done but, I don’t think today is the day for those blogs to be published.  Never the less, I am still enjoying this beautiful weather.

Something about this snow is just so peaceful.  Everything is so beautiful when it is covered in snow.  Wouldn’t it be weird if snow was a different color like purple or black?  It’s like nature has just completely aligned itself to be so beautiful all of the time.  Living here in Arkansas The Natural,” state I forget sometimes just how beautiful it is!  It’s truly amazing to watch the scenery change.  We have the craziest weather here.  During tornado seasons there will be tornados every night for weeks and weeks.  During summer is well over 110F for a few months.  Usually a few days in there it will be in the lower 100F.  And then days it will get nearing 120F.  Then in the fall it is just so beautiful but, those days literally do not last more than a mere few at a time because it will go to being either very hot again or majorly cold.  Then our winters include the negative numbers and snow.  Which of course it isn’t Canada snow where its feet upon feet of snow but its still snow.

This is my week of finals and then I am done done done with undergrad!  I am so excited!  I have been waiting for this for seven years!  That a very VERY long time when I am only 25.  My nephew, who is in the Marine Corps, also is home for a few days and we got to see him today!  My son got to see him yesterday while I was at work.  I was wondering how Halen would do because he hasn’t seen Trent my nephew in almost a year.  Well the first thing Halen does is walk right up to him and put his hands up and starts talking to him.  It was like he had never left.  It was so sweet.  They played and played today.  Halen was worn out and took a long nap.  It’s so nice to have such positive influences in our lives.  I am so glad that Halen is surrounded by so ma    ny people that love him and he has such positive male role models in his life.

Anyway I am off here to finish up homework and spend time with my sweet little love.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!  Hopefully in the next few days I will have some better blogs and pictures up!


Thanks for reading!



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