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Yesterday I had my last final!  I was sitting in my car just before the final started getting ready, gathering my things and my thoughtsWhen it occurred to me my first day of class ever for college in summer of 2006 I was sitting in a car across the campus doing the exact same thing gathering my things and my thoughts.  I sat there and thought about this amount of time that has passed in 7.5 years, and realize these are my college years.  This is what they will always been labeled, they have came and passed and they are now over with (undergrad at least).

I started college as a lost 18 year-old with little ambition.  I wasn’t really sure what I wanted in life even though I had a few ideas here and there.  I spent most of the first few years of college doing the general things college kids do.  One reason it took me so long to get through is actually two reasons one: I took off a year, and two a few semesters I just went for one or two classes.  I could write so many books on all of my experiences but, I just leave it at that it was fun, adventurous, strange, happy, sad, charming, fake, and sometimes entirely too real.  I had some amazing times and some really awful ones.  But, now I am ending college as a 25 year-old, mother with more ambition and goals for one lifetime.  It’s amazing how much can change in a day, let alone 7.5 years.

I guess I have come full circle for my college experiences.  The people that truly matter have let their light shine; people that don’t matter have shown me their darkness.  I have realized more than anything what is most important in this life.  I value my life in a way that I didn’t ever think of before.  I realize how important each and every one of us are in this world.  I understand who I am; I understand what my purpose is. 

Before I went into my test yesterday I put on an old favorite song and let the memories flow.  Most importantly I realized sometimes a door doesn’t just shut, sometimes you nail it, screw it, and bolt it shut.  College is over with, and I am a okay with that!  Here are to new beginnings and new adventures!

“Education is something they can never take away from you.” – My great-grandfather Elmer Hefley

Thanks for reading!  Hope your having a fabulous day!




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11 thoughts on “coming full circle

  1. Congratulations, Tiffany.

    What did you finally end up studying in college? I always found my college years to be the best of my education. I ended up studying biotechnology, which I loved a great deal and miss now that I’m a part-time substitute teacher while I mother my daughters.

    I hope to go back to get my master’s degree some day. I just don’t know in what. I had a class a few years back in child development. I enjoyed it but I found it strange to be so much older and a mother than my classmates.

    I wish you all the best for the next phase of your life…



    1. Hello!
      I ended up studying Broadcast Journalism. Basically news anchors on TV and then Radio DJs. I did a few years of my college TV anchoring and also had a radio show. I enjoyed it but, it wasn’t exactly what I wanted to do. I actually do what to do TV and Radio but, not really news. If there comes a point where I have to work in a news room that’s okay but, I am more interesting in writing, producing, directing, and even acting in TV and movies. I picked that major because it was the closest thing my college had to what I want to do.I got a lot of great knowledge. I loved being in front of the camera (which I LOVE) and behind the scenes directing, editing, writing and all those fun things! I am not sure what will happen now. I am thinking about staying around here for a year save up some money, finish my books and then go to film school for a masters or just go online. I thought I had this all figured out but, some times things just change!
      You should defiantly go back and get your Masters there where people in their 80s at my college pursuing undergrad! You are never too old 🙂


      1. Well, that’s encouraging and I am pretty sure, I will. I’m considering taking another course in the spring. I keep waffling, though. Mostly because I don’t want to pay grad school tuition. The same class as an undergrad costs more as a grad student. It frosts my fanny!

        But as my 3 daughters are still very in much in need of my time and energy outside school hours, I don’t want to split my attention too much. There’s always going to be time to go back to school.

        Ha, I love being behind the camera.

        That’s cool. My best friend studied journalism for a while, and even interned at a major TV station. Basically he was a gofer, I think, for some semi-famous female reporter in Chicago. I can’t remember who now. He couldn’t find a job, I think, so he went to grad school and became a teacher, but it was a much better fit for him. He actually really gets into his teaching, going so far as to dressing up as historical figures sometimes to teach history lessons.

        Yes, I am 43 years old right now, and have seen a great deal of changes since I graduated with my degree. My career path changed 5 times in the past 20 years. Microbiology, forensics, medical genetics. Then stay-at-home mother. Then substitute teacher. Stay at home motherhood gave me the opportunity to develop the creative aspects of myself – writing (prose and poetry), photography, art, sewing.

        At 25, I had NO idea I would have experienced all the changes that I have experienced. I’m so far from my scientific roots that I find it quite humorous. I always was a writer, writing in journals and writing stories as a teenager, but it went underground for so long due to a few reasons…and it resurfaced when I couldn’t bear the creative urge being crushed any longer. It was kind of like “write, or die” you know? I wanted to live.

        Since you are a creative type, you might appreciate Eric Maisel’s stuff. He’s a creativity coach and has written lots of books on creativity and has a podcast and writes for Psychology Today.

        His website is undergoing maintenance and should be up again tomorrow.

        Another good one is Julia Cameron. She’s also a very good resource for all types of creativity. She is an “American teacher, author, artist, poet, playwright, novelist, filmmaker, composer, and journalist ”

        I bet you could find some good stuff there.

        Good luck!



      2. Thank you for the websites! I did get them they didn’t go to spam! I will have to check them out! Also thank you for all of the encouragement and kind words!
        I think we always have this plan for life that it will go one way and it ends up completely different but, I maybe that was the real plan all along! 🙂


      3. by the way, I also left a message with three links…it might get trapped in your spam folder, so i thought i’d let you know. i know my wp is set to hold back more than 2 links for moderation. 🙂


  2. Congratulations, Wonder Woman! You are on such a beautiful arc.

    I took my first undergrad courses when I was 18, as well…graduated 33 years, 6 children, 4 grandchildren, and two careers later. =] Promptly, and crazily, jumped into grad school.

    Anyway. Yes. Lots can change in a day, a moment, a year, a lifetime.

    Thanks for sharing.




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