Helllllooooo there!

So we have two weeks left in the year.  I have to say 2013 was a great year for me.  Some exciting things happened along the way.  And overall it was truly a great year.  This doesn’t mean bad things didn’t happen but, I feel like for once in my life I looked at them in a different way and I was able to rise from those negative things and have a better, clearer outlook on life.  

I have some amazing memories from 2013!

My son’s 2nd birthday!  It was Toy Story themed!  And so much fun!  We had it at a local bump-n-jump place and you better believe I got in there with him along with my friends and we had a wonderful time!  It was such a wonderful occasion we were surrounded by so many people that truly care about us!  And he got some wonderful presents (who doesn’t love kid toys 🙂  ) but, most importantly it was just an awesome time!


Papa, Halen and I blowing out his candles!

h and m

Mommy, Halen and Aunt KK jumping in the bump-n-jumps

We also spend A LOT of time outdoors! (We do live in the Natural State!)

sidewalkwaterwater 2outooutside walking

 There were hundreds of wonderful things that happened this year but best of all I got to spend my time with my little love building wonderful memories that will live on forever and for that I am so grateful!  



2014 should be a wonderful year.  I haven’t exactly decided what it will all entail but isn’t that the beauty of life, you never know what will happen and sometimes no matter how much you plan things they turn out completely differently but, always turn out like they are supposed to!  

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week!



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