I need to travel!!!!!!!

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Well well well, it took me 17 days to skip a blog.  I thought I would go the whole month of December blogging but, apparently life sometimes has other plans.  Yesterday was spent with family, relaxing, and enjoy the beautiful outside it got up to 66F (with snow still on the ground) this weather thing is so strange here.  Anyway, I wanted to write but, truly I didn’t know what I would even write about.  I’m sure I would have a million stories to tell but, none caught my eye yesterday to blog about.

I have been having this burning desire to travel here for a while.  If I stay in one place to long it just gets to the point I have to go out into the world!  I can’t even stay home for a day.  I have to be going somewhere doing something experiencing the world.  I am one of those people where I will relax for a few hours and then we have to do something I can’t just sit around the house.  Case in point yesterday we stayed home in the morning and in the afternoon went to the local trails to walk and then to the marina to play, and watch the sunset.  I can’t let myself let an entire day slip away and not go outside or experience nature or just sit inside doing nothing of importance. 

I have really have wanted to go back overseas.  I keep reading all of these amazing blogs about being overseas and it is just fueling my desire even more to travel.  Unfortunately, I have a million other plans for my money this next couple of months.  So, we won’t be going anywhere, which really sort of suffocates me.  I don’t know I just have this constant need to see different things, experience new places, and be a million miles from home.  I am thinking that this summer we will go to LA for a week (I have family there), and then maybe if I had the money and it worked out with work we could go overseas at the end of the year.  I need to see the world!  I need to travel!!!!!!

Okay okay enough about what I NEED!  HA!  I usually don’t write these sorts of post but, it’s just what has been on my mind here lately.

Anyway, I am off to enjoy the day it is supposed to be in the 60F’s again today!  So, I am going to enjoy it while it last, it will probably snow next week!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day!

Until next time




Image quote: www.wildjunket.com

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