Well I did it!

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Well its official!  I am a college graduate!  🙂  Saturday was a great day!  It all went by so fast!  From getting ready, to taking pictures, to the actual ceremony and having my named called, its all pretty much a blur.  The only thing that really sticks out the most is during the ceremony when they were calling everyone’s names (I was on the 3rd row) and I was looking around at all the people they still had to call, I was thinking wow this is it.  All of the hard, all of the long days, all of the nights I stayed up all lead up to this moment!  And then, BAM! its over with!  Wow, it was a crazy experience!  But, I am glad I am done.

Now, I have no idea whats next.  I have been thinking I wanted to do online grad programs but, now I still feel like I want to pursue a masters in film.  So, as I am looking at grad programs all of their deadlines were December 1st for fall 2014 semester.  I have no idea what I am going to do.  I am at this really strange place of not knowing what is next and not sure what to even do next.  I hate not having a plan!

Anyway I hope everyone is having a wonderful day!

Until next time



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