It was as cold here as it was at the North Pole!



Hello THERE!

I have to say I am over this winter.  The weather here in Arkansas is so bizarre.  It will be 70 one day and snow the next. The winters are in the low digits to the negatives and the summers are 115+ for weeks on end.  It was as cold here last night as it was in North Pole, AK.  I know it gets even colder some places but, geez I am ready for spring.  At least for a few weeks it will be nice before the humidity sets in and the temps are over 100 for a few months.

This means that today I am doing nothing.  And by nothing I actually mean I am working on my book, doing some admissions for online journals and magazines and all that.  But, other than that I am staying warm or at least trying too!  Its a great day to stay inside and be with my little love!  I have a lot of planning to do for his THIRD birthday that is in two months!  I hope everyone is having a wonderful day!

Until next time!




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6 thoughts on “It was as cold here as it was at the North Pole!

  1. Me too…so over winter…but here in Tennessee…it’s the humidity next! Bizarre here too…very cold then almost balmy. Go figure!


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