Being grateful.



Sometimes it’s so easy to forget just how great you have it.  I do it. You do it.  We all do it.  We take moments, people, and material things for granted.  We forget that time won’t tick for all of us tomorrow.

We underestimate the time it takes to say hello, or a proper good-bye.  We allow other people to go moments, days, and lifetimes miserable because of a few words or actions that we did.  We forget how easy it is to crawl into your warm bed at night, and let the world slip away for a few hours.

We become completely unaware of how our actions impact that around us.  Why?  I have no idea.  Maybe it is because we are self-aware creatures that spend most of our lives being completely unaware of reality.  Maybe it is because it is easier to ignore the problem and the truth than deal with it.

We go about everyday life without a care in the world and let the things that we should care about go unnoticed.  We should all take some time to say hello to a stranger and give a proper good-bye to someone we can no longer live with.  We are all so powerful and are capable of doing so much but we hide being our insecurities and let society form the way that we think, we feel and we act.  But, in the end nobody else has to be accountable for their actions or lack of actions.  It’s just you in your last moments.  Live together, die alone (this quote is from my FAVORITE TV series ever, LOST.)

 I just want to be a little bit more grateful for what I have and be grateful for what is yet to come today.

I hope you do too.

Have a wonderful weekend.





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11 thoughts on “Being grateful.

  1. A friend of mine says: I’d rather have half of something than all of nothing.

    Today is a smiling through the tears kind of day. Looking for that rainbow.



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