This beautiful weather!

iphone picture 2 051


A few days ago I wrote about how its was freezing here!  Well the last few days have been in the 60s its been so nice!  I love when the weather is nice like this!  Of course this means that we spent the past few days outside because what else would we do :)?

iphone picture 2 060


Its so refreshing to go outside and embrace nature for the first time really in weeks and it not been so cold I have to run to my jeep and turn the heater on!

Things really seem to be coming together the past few days with the book.  We have been doing a lot of PR for it and it seems to be getting out there!  Its so nice to see all the work my dad put into the poems and all the hours of putting the book together is starting to pay off!

If you didn’t see my last post you can purchase my dads book of poetry here

I have been doing some submissions of my own.  For my poetry and different work.  I have submitted to a few literary journals and magazines.  I am hoping some good news comes from doing all of this.  I plan on submitting to different places each week from either one submission to three give or take.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week!

Until next time



6 thoughts on “This beautiful weather!

  1. You have got an eye for photography. Those pictures are really great! Thanks for telling me about your blog now I can keep up with you. Maybe I need to make one and you can keep up with us lol.


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