The ignorance.

Well hello there!

If you are like me and didn’t watch the Super Bowl you might have also missed the commercials.  Unless you have watched them since the game.  One of the most controversial commercials that is getting a lot of back fire is the Coca Cola Super Bowl commercial.

If you haven’t seen it here it is.


So lets break it down.

-They have a variety of people singing American the Beautiful.   Which is just beautiful.  

-They show various races.  Which is exactly what you will see if you go to any of the 50 states.  

-They use various languages.  Which is what you will hear if you go into various stores or public places.  

-They share various ages, genders, and religious backgrounds.  Which makes up…..America.

Which all of these things are exactly what being American means.  We are diverse.  And we have been since the beginning.  As far as I am concerned unless you are 100% Native American and have NO other racial background than this probably is a good indicator that at some point in time your ancestors were immigrants to the United States.  And more than likely:

-Your ancestors probably didn’t speak English.  Or if they did it was very little (and it wasn’t the “English” that we speak today.  The English that is used the United States is different than the language that ancestors that came over spoke.  It was particularly made so that it wouldn’t sound like the language that was used in England hence why we have a different accent which of course has change a lot over the past few hundred years and is different to each part of the United States.)

-You have many races that run through your blood line.  More than likely you have various racial backgrounds that make up your DNA.

-You come from various ages, genders and religious backgrounds.

So what is the problem people?  Seriously?  Why are people so ignorant to say things like this:


“Screw Coke! I’ll never drink another one.”

“The problem with the commercial is that it promotes division in America, not unity. No, America is NOT a country of many cultures. America has its own distinct culture, such that immigrants FLED their homelands to seek opportunities in America that exist nowhere else in the world.”

“And oh yeah Coke… dont do this shit again, also as a person from Atlanta i want to know how ya’ll give U.s. this b.s. commercial but give Mexico the good Coke-Cola”

 “Why is this arabian and jews even there? This is America.”
“You damaged your brand more then ANYTHING Pepsi could have . #Fcoke #neverbuyingagain
But what do you expect when the company is run by a Turk”

“The white Coke execs who signed off on this should be ashamed of themselves.  Traitors”


I don’t know why Americans tend to be so self-absorbed.  It is like they can’t see past their own doing just to realize that we aren’t the ONLY ones that are breathing the air.  We are a diverse group of people.  We come from all different backgrounds.  This is what the commercial is showing.  It is showing just how different our backgrounds are but, we are still all one and aren’t so different from each other.  

I guess people have forgotten that we took this country from the natives and millions of families came willingly or as slaves to this country.  And that is what we were built on.  That is what we are still being built on.  The United States doesn’t have an “official language,” anyway.  Everywhere you go you are buying foreign made products.  Just because some of us have roots that have been here longer than others doesn’t mean that at one time our ancestors didn’t come over here, with an accent, no knowledge of the land, and were inspired to have a better life.  So why if that is happening now are people so quick to judge that this isn’t their land also?

I just also have to add this is a first world problem.  Geez people there are actual bad things happening here and around the world that need to be addressed.  There are people that need help with things such as food and water that we take for granted but, instead people are complaining about a commercial.

I seriously hope that as a single parent I can do the best job I can to teach my child that we live in a diverse place.  That we should speak multiple languages and that our ancestors were very diverse and came from different places.  And most importantly we should embrace those that are still immigrating here because someone in our family was once in their shoes and we aren’t so different after all.


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12 thoughts on “The ignorance.

  1. Nicely put. I hate to see that these people are so shallow. I proudly admit that my mother and her family are immigrants and many many generations ago my father’s family immigrated here from God knows where. My son and I are proudly diverse! And I LOVE that commercial.


  2. This is an absolutely BRILLIANT advertisement – kudos to Coke-Cola for making it and to you Tiffany for sharing it as we aren’t a Superbowl Family so would have missed is entirely otherwise. America, like many others in this world of ours today, is an EXTREMELY diverse country. Are those who are outraged live in caves? Our technology is developing everyday but sadly it would appear ignorance remains the same.


  3. Being Canadian, we don’t get the same commercials as America does during the Superbowl – our stations air their own set of ads – so I wouldn’t have seen this otherwise. I watched the video first and thought that it was a great ad. Canada promotes it’s multi-ethnic, mosaic status so much in the media that it didn’t seem out of the ordinary for me. In fact, it resembles media that we see daily – TV shows, commercials, magazines, you name it. I just can’t believe how some Americans are reacting to this Coke ad! I am genuinely surprised and taken aback. Thanks for sharing this video and the story surrounding it.


    1. Thanks for coming by! Unfortunately I am not shocked by this comments because they are merely scattered everywhere you look when anyone that isn’t a traditional “American” shows up on any form of media. Its really sad and pathetic more than anything and people really seem to have forgotten where they came from and how their ancestors arrived here.


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