Turning THREE!

Welllll Hello there!  I haven’t updated a blog post in a few weeks!  Mainly because I just haven’t had the time between working weird hours and getting ready for Halens big THIRD birthday!

Each year the party seems to get bigger and bigger.  I start planning pretty much as soon as the party ends.  I take the summer to filter through ideas about what he will like and what he is into.  And then starting in the Fall I pinterest until my fingers are numb looking for new ideas for the theme.  This year the theme was DINOSAURS.  Originally I thought about having a Lorax theme but, by the end of the summer he seemed to be stuck on Dinosaurs.

So for the last few months I have gathered all of my ideas and started my preparations.  You might asK why I see it as such a big deal?  Mainly because its always such a wonderful day.  His 1st and 2nd birthdays were just marvelous.  They were days where we were surrounded by people that love us and support us.  We had a wonderful time.  I know that he won’t always want such a big party.  I mean I assume by the time he is 6 or 7 he will be content with a sleep over with all of his friends so for now I am soaking it up and enjoying it to the fullest.

I have to say this years party went off perfectly.  We HAD such a great time.  We had the party at a local bump-n-jump place and I rented out a private room for the actual party.  We had cake, cupcakes, cookies and pizza.  The room was full of people that are very important to the two of us.  And I couldn’t have asked for the day to be any more perfect.  After we ate, opened presents, and had cake we ran to the play room and played on the obstacle course and bump-n-jumps and you better believe I was right out there in them!  This is always the best part of the parties!


Here are a few pictures of the festivities.

Halens 3rd birthday party 432

He waited outside with my parents when we were setting up the room.  When he came in he was so excited he put his hands over his mouth and was excited to see all of the decorations!






Halens 3rd birthday party 439

This is one of the really easy decorations I did for centerpieces.  I just took a mason jar, brown sugar, candy, the chalk sign, and a dinosaur to make a “dig for dino eggs” centerpiece.


Halens 3rd birthday party 344


Halens 3rd birthday party 346


Halens 3rd birthday party 347

Another very simple decoration idea that I started last year was using cardboard boxes to make the numbers and character decorations.  I used a pencil to trace along the box and the use a box cutter to cut out the number or the character.  And then used basic paint to paint the numbers.  I did two number 3s and also a triceratops head for decorations.  These are so easy.  They are a little bit time consuming to do all three it took about three hours.  But, they are very simple and you can basically do just about anything you want for decorations.  I realized last year I couldn’t find a number 2 anywhere so I thought why not just make my own and it can be exactly the colors and theme that I want.  I loved it so much last year that I decided to do it again this year!


Halens 3rd birthday party 512

Another simple idea I found was “fossil cookies.”  I bought a bag of insects at dollar tree and my best friend Katie made this simple cookies by just pressing the insects into the cookie dough before she bakes them.  Great easy idea to add just that little touch to the party!

Most of the other decorations were bought through Partycity.com or Hobby Lobby.  Which hobby lobby has a great app for smartphones that always has a coupon (usually for about 40% off one single item!)

The other really basic party decorations like the dinosaurs I bought at dollar tree!

The Party:

Halens 3rd birthday party 473

He had a little help opening up his presents!  All of the kids seemed to have such a great time all I could do was laugh.  If you have ever been around a bunch of three year olds opening gifts its like a football team running onto a field, there is NO stopping them!

Halens 3rd birthday party 561

After they sung him happy birthday!  Such a bittersweet moment to remember forever!

Then we had to go play!

Halens 3rd birthday party 514

They were on a mission!

Halens 3rd birthday party 556

Just the most fun!

Overall it was a wonderful day!  It was filled with many wonderful memories and laughs!  I am and have been so blessed to have so many amazing people in our lives and to have such a happy and wonderful THREE year old!

Thanks for reading!




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