April showers….


Welllllll hellloooo there!

I am sitting by my window enjoying the slightest hint of spring showers.  I am SO glad that the dreaded SNOW is OVER!  NO MORE SNOW!!!!!

Now its onto tornado sirens every night for the next few weeks!  YAY!   Ha!

I love spring!  I love spring so much more than I love winter.  Don’t get me wrong I enjoy November and December holidays but then its a few months of just dreadfulness cold and snow!  So I am glad that is over with!!!!!!!!!!

Since I have been neglecting my blog like crazy I thought I would list five things that are going on with me currently!


-I started writing ANOTHER book….(I know I know I have already started multiple other ones but, this one I really love!  And I have a few other stories for books I am hoping to start on this summer!)

-I read The Maze Runner by James Dashner.  I love it!  I mean I genuinely LOVED it!  I think probably because he is the only other writer that I feel as if he is taking the words right out of my mouth.  I write a lot like he does, and in reading the book I felt as if I could have wrote it but, he kept me in suspense and he is a WAY better writer than I am!

-I started running again.  I put it off pretty much for the past few months.  Its hard to run on the ice. (I know excuses excuses.  But, here I am back at it!)

-I am thinking of visiting NYC this summer or fall.  A friend of mine recently moved out there and got a house (with an extra bedroom 🙂 ) and I thought it would be fun!  And my son has never been on an airplane I think he would love it!  Its one of the only major US cities I haven’t been to!  I also will be going to LA this summer so I was thinking just making it one big trip!  Not sure!  Have you been to NYC?  Did you love it??

-I have a few really big changes coming up the next few months between grad school, my job, and getting a new house I will be pretty busy.  O and writing those pesky books that have taken entirely toooooooooo long!

Well that is all for now!  I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Until next time



2 thoughts on “April showers….

  1. We live just a little less than 2hrs from NYC and we try and go at least once a year my kids love it! My son went with a friend during Super Bowl Weekend. I’ve taken my girls several times. Just booked an overnight trip to go and see Wicked again. Love NYC!


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