Is it already JUNE?

move on


Well helllloooooo there!

I can’t believe that JUNE is already here!  This year is flying by!  And so is apparently my lack of blogging!  Ekk!  I have no idea why I have been doing so bad with my blogging.  It seems like each time I blog I tell myself o ya I will blog more and it never happens.  So, here is to no more promises of blogging.  If I blog twice this month, I am good with that.

This last week has been one that really has tested me.  But, in really good ways.  I realized that sometimes you have to WAIT for things to be wrapped up in order for parts of your life to move on.  For those new doors to open up old doors need to be closed.  And sometimes the stars line up and that happens just perfectly for things to work out and for old chapters of our lives to shut and new ones to start and that is exactly what happened this week and it was the best feeling!

Here is to the future!  It is looking as bright as ever!  I hope everyone is having a wonderful wonderful week!



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