Driving around in the country…..

Well HELLLLOOOOOOOO THERE!  Aren’t you SOOOOO proud!  I have blogged more than ONCE for the MONTH!  Yay!  Maybe I am back on it!

Earlier in the week I had a chance to soak up some countryside.  The summer is finally in full blown and it looks like a jungle out there (for the most part).  We are called “The Natural State,” after. Arkansas  just is beautiful during summertime.  It might be 110F for a few months pretty  much everyday but, it doesn’t take away from the beauty that this state has to offer!  Scattered around the countrysides there are dozens of Old Homesteads that you will see off any given roads.  Here are three that I found this week that really stuck out to me!  (These three were all on the same road within five miles of each other!)

Halen2014 030
An old homestead in the River Valley
Halen2014 027
An old shed in the field
Halen2014 045
An old barn that is falling apart

These old homesteads reminded me so much of the places my Dads family had grown up in.  Its so strange to think about the people, families, and lives that used to live in these places.  There is so much history in these worn down buildings and I find them so fascinating!

Anyway I am off I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Until next time



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