What a great start to this beautiful week!  It will be busy for us!  Between work, getting ready for Grad school starting next week, and also Vacation Bible School (VBS) starting next week, we are going to be pretty busy all week.  Yesterday we took a drive up HWY 64 to Atkins, AR.  We encountered a lot of Old Homesteads (which are rapidly become my most favorite thing to photograph) and rich history from years ago in all of the old abandon buildings.  I thought I would share a few of our finds!

This is probably my favorite picture that I got while we were there.

Atkins 035
An old Launderette building in Atkins, AR

Here is a closer look at the sign.

Atkins 036
A closer look at the sign

At the end of town we found this old gas station that had clearly been closed for many years.  It looks like it could be any old abandon gas station in any old city, USA.

Atkins 040
An abandon gas station in Atkins, AR

And for the last picture is a picture of The Lake Atkins sign.

Atkins 041
Lake Atkins Sign

Overall it was a wonderful little trip for such a rainy day!  I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Until next time!



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