This magic Monday!

Well hello there!

This past week has been very long!  But, finally I have one whole entire day off!  Which was today!  And it was quite wonderful!  We spent it doing nothing.  And by doing nothing I mean homework, laundry, and relaxing!  Its so nice to have sometime to just chill out!  Last week was VBS and it was busy busy busy!

Summertime is in full bloom here!  We are enjoying it!


Halen2014 159
A boy and his donkey!

Our donkey Jack just loves my son!  I didn’t realize how protective donkeys actually are.  Last week there was a big dog in the driveway as we pulled up.  Jack started making sounds we had never heard before and stomping his feet.  It scared the dog and it ran off.  Jack knew someone was in his territory!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!  We sure are!


Halen2014 113
Summertime fun!


Have a wonderful week!



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