Well HELLOOOOOO THERE! Has it really been nearly TWO entire months since I have last posted?? Wow! I have been so busy I haven’t even thought of updating this blog!

Well lets see in the past two months a lot of LIFE has happened!

Most importantly we WENT TO NYC!

It was the most incredible experience! My best friend, my son (he is 3) and I had the best time! I am ready to travel again! I am thinking overseas this time! I would love to visit Europe again! Maybe Italy, or England and Ireland! I will post pictures in the next few days of our awesome trip!
Surprisingly NYC is very kid friendly and has SOOOOOOOO much to do! And so many free things to do! I will also do a blog about that! We just got back on Saturday and today I got a new job! It is EXACTLY what I needed, it will be way more money than I was making and it will be great hours! I start in a few days and I am so excited!
Its funny how life just sort of falls into place all of the sudden! Life is so so good!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful summer! I sure have! I am so excited about the next coming months!


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