NYC 473



Well hellllooooo there!

I said in my last post I would talk about our trip to NYC!  So here it is!

I have needed a vacation for a while.  I am one of those people who can’t stand to just stay at home.  That’s why we are always out doing things and going places.  I went to NYC with my best friend Katie (who I wrote about awhile back in one of my blogs) and my son (who is 3).

I have traveled around the world but, this was both of their first airplane ride.  They both did great.  If you are traveling with small children I have a few suggestions.

-They get a carry on backpack, so stuff it full of snacks and toys.  I went to the local dollar tree and picked out some new toys and stickers along with his favorite toys for the traveling.    

-Talk about the plane and where you are going for a few weeks leading up to the actual day you leave.  I talked about it for weeks to my son.  About a week before we went I showed him different videos on YouTube about plane rides and take off.  That way the actual day of travel he sort of knew what to expect and he was so excited to be on the plane. 

-Talk about where you are going.  I explained NYC to him, what it had to offer and the things we would be doing that way he knew to expect

-Expect the unexpected.  When we went from Little Rock (our starting destination) to Texas (for change of planes) our plane was late and we ran and ran to the next plane.  I knew to expect this considering I had done it before on other flights


We spent one Saturday to the next Saturday in NYC.  We saw so many things.  The great thing about NYC is that so many things are FREE or have where you can pay (as a donation).  I will post about this in the next blog 10 things to do in NYC for FREE!


The two things I would highly suggest for anyone to see in NYC are the Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island and the 9-11 memorials.  Both were absolutely amazing.  I was so impressed with both.  It’s amazing how loud NYC is but when you walk inside the 9-11 memorial you don’t hear anyone talking.

Here are a few snap shots from our wonderful trip!


NYC 331

First airplane ride!  He was so excited!

NYC 528

Hellllloooooooooo NYC!

NYC 537

There she is!  Mother of our great land!

NYC 585

This city stole my heart!

NYC 620

Did I mention we love NYC firefighters and NYPD

NYC was so good to us!  I can’t wait to go back!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day!  I will upload another blog on friday about 10 free things to do in NYC!



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