Free stuff at Kroger?

Well Hellooooo there!  

It is beautiful October which is one of my FAVORITE months!  I love the fall!  Even though it is still entirely too hot to be fall but, I think we have discussed Arkansas’ crazy weather enough in this blog right?!?!  HA!

This has been an exciting month already!  It has been full!  One of my best friends had her son 6 weeks early this past Saturday.  But, they are both doing really well!  She got released today, and he will be getting released in the next week or so!  So that is a blessing!

Last week I found out this awesome little secret!  If you download the Kroger app. each week they have one FREE item in their coupon section.  You have to select the coupon on Friday but, you have a few weeks to actually use it!  I love free!  They also have some awesome deals on there and also it shows the weekly ads so you can link up your coupons with the ads.  I got some laundry detergent that was marked way down on sale for $2.99 and there was a $1 off coupon so it equaled to $1.99!  Which is amazing!  Try it out Yall!  I love saving money!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Until next time.



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